C. C. C. P. – A M E R I C A N – S O V I E T S

The original bandleader

Rai Streubel aka Rasputin Stoy

Original voice of American-Soviets, United States of Europe, Freedom & Liberty, In Memory of Salvador Dali & all songs of the band Beat-A-Max

C.C.C.P. since 1984

chart titles in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. were “American-Soviets”, “Made in Russia” and “Orient Express”.

These titles were released on one of the first EBM/ Techno label CLOCKWORK ® records from Frankfurt/Main in Germany.


You will find the releases here:


C.C.C.P. released on labels like Clockwork or Amnesia records from Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Happy Music from Paris (France), Blanco y Negro in Barcelona (Spain), BMG in Bruxelles (BeNeLux), BMG in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), BMG in Munich (GSA + Scandinavia) & Oak Lawn in Dallas TX (U.S.A), High Speed Kindergarten in Clearwater FL (U.S.A.) followed by several compilation releases, e.g. V/A: Jean Paul Gaultier Junior Collection (BMG Pacific), as well as tours in France, Germany and the U.S.A.


The second album “ The Hallucinogenic Toreador” was also released on Clockwork ® records. This record was the beginning of a new style CHILL / ELECTRONICA and one of the reasons why *Mille Plateaux was founded. The last album release in 2007/8 was released by*Milleplateauxmedia.

In 2013/14 C.C.C.P. released the album

"Live @ Numbers Night Club 2013 Houston TX"


"Official The World Remixes 2014"

In 2015 C.C.C.P. relesead the single " I can smell you"

To come soon (2016): C.C.C.P. - DECADANCE CLUB (Mirror of my soul) Album

Style: Electro, EBM, ...

Publisher: Edition Amnesia/STREUBEL MUSIC Berlin

Label: Clockwork records Berlin

The next single & new album release from C.C.C.P. will be ready in 2013/4.


To come soon (End 2014): C.C.C.P. - DECADANCE CLUB (Mirror of my soul) Album


Style: Electro, EBM, ...

Publisher: Edition Amnesia/STREUBEL MUSIC Berlin

Label: Clockwork records Berlin



LAST SHOW IN THE U.S. : August 17, 2013



6400 25yr Reunion Part II Featuring A Live Performance By C.C.C.P.

August 17 at 8:00pm in CDT

Numbers Night Club in Houston, Texas

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Join Past Present Productions and The New Beat as we bring you 6400 25yr Reunion Part II featuring a live show from C.C.C.P.


That's right Houston C.C.C.P. returns to Houston for the first time since 1990!


Come dance the night away to all your favorite 6400 music before and after the concert.


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Interview (

C.C.C.P. (R)


From which country / town do you come from?

Both: We are from Frankfurt/Main Germany


how are you doing? Where are you currently?

Rai: I am working in the studio in Offenbach.

Frank: I'm fine and in Offenbach ;-)


Could you briefly summarize C.C.C.P and what you guys are about?

Rai: Well, I am executive producer, composer, writer and hardcore singer.

Frank:I Am writer, composer and the main singer.


Rai and Frank what noise do you make in C.C.C.P?



How's the start of 2010 been for you thus far?

Rai: We played @ Electric Tremor Festival (Biggest EBM Festival worldwide) in summer and in October we will start to produce our new single and album.


Other incoming projects?

Frank: I'm about to develop two acts - one is simply an "innovative" 80s-Cover-Band with a really strange line-up ;-) and the other thing is the reanimation of a (almost)famous Latin-pop project.

Rai: I am producing the new single for the band Marvin Gardens (Club/House) and promote a band called Cardiac Casper (Nu Metal/Screamo).


If people don't know what you and your music are about where have they been!? How would you describe yourself?

Frank: Depeche Mode meets Nitzer Ebb …

Rai: … with an influence of some theatrical soundtrack and a very good sound...


If you could play a show anywhere in the world where would it be?

Rai: Planet Mars


Frank: Whereever our friends really "are on the ball"!

What day jobs did you guys have while you were putting the band together?

Rai: I was working ass a Product manager of Bellaphon/Motown records for Germany/Switzerland and Austria

Frank: I fulfilled alternative civilian service ...


What is your musical background?

Rai: I startet playing guitar with 8 years and I am a record collector of the following music: psychedellic, heavy metal,nu metal, soul, funk, industrial, techno, house, classic, jazz, experimental,...

Frank: Ibegun playing guitar at the age of 12, played the "Beatles-Songbook" up and down and with the time my voice became louder than the music. Some Bands followed, I left a Funkband for the opportunity to join Beatamax/cccp.



Frank & Rasputin aka Rai = C.C.C.P.

The story of the Band C.C.C.P. you will find here:


What do you do when you're not partaking in band activities?

Rai: I am working in music and literature business,

Frank: I run a small advertising agency in Offenbach.

Back to your roots, how did you first come to music?

Rai: My Grandfather was my music teacher when I was a little boy

Frank: Eleonor Rigby at the age of 10: I was much more fascinated by that Beatles-Stuff then "Sweet", "Bay City Rollers" and whatever.


If you weren't a musician what would you be?

Rai: A musician

Frank: Could'nt imagine something else, maybe if I'd never got in touch with making music?!

When did you form C.C.C.P?

Rai: 1984


What inspired you to make music together?

Rai: Bands like Pink Floyd, DAF, Kraftwerk,...


What are your top ten favourite Industrial / Techno / Electro Club Songs of all time?

Rai: don’t loose control from material

los ninos del parque from liaisons dangereuses

trans europa express from kraftwerk

midnight express from georgio moroder

let your body learn from nitzer ebb

gladiator from beatamax

american-soviets from c.c.c.p.

headhunter from front 242

god is god from laibach

der mussolini from daf


Do you keep up with how the record has been selling? Is that really important to you?

Rai: Important? … Lots of fun and really good work in the studio is the answer. Everything else comes naturally.


What? They did not want their friends to see them buying your record?

Frank: A C.C.C.P. Promotion copy for our friends is an obligatory copy to us


Who is your favourite band at the moment?

Rai: Sorry no Industrial / Techno / Electro or Club band.

It´s @ the moment Slayer, Cardiac Casper and Enter Shikari


What band or bands would you like to tour with and why?

Rai: Cardiac Casper and Enter Shikari because these bands have created a new sound.

Frank: Let's try them all out - starting with the most famous ones ;-)


Tell me about clockwork-records?

Please take a look:


What would you be doing right now if you were not in CCCP?

Rai: We Would create a new band with special sound, but this we are doing now with our new single and album in 2010/11


Frank: I would only lead the boring life of a marketing-expert and sang in an even more boring 80s-Coverband ;-)


How did you come up with the name C.C.C.P?

Rai: We wanted to provocate and in that time back in the 80’s the name CCCP was ideal.


How do you feel when holding the finished cd in your hands?

Rai: Like a virgin



What are you currently listening to on your mp3 player? What artists have you been listening to these days?

Rai :I only listen to vinyl records or look videos on youtube / Slayer @ Wacken 2010


Frank: Believe it or not: "Hue and Cry", "Love and Money" and "Schubert".


Do you spend a lot of time on remixing other artists tracks or is it something you do when you have some time over?

Rai: I never do remixes.


Is your family pretty impressed with what you've done?

Rai: Yes, right from the beginning.


Frank: Sure, but they never really liked that stile.


Have you recorded any previous CDs or any audio files posted on the Internet? what type of recording process did you use? Who produced your recording?

Rai: All our material is now available as mp3 (not for free!). We produce our music ourselves and our equipment is a big imac a mac pro , logic pro 9, apogee, neumann micro, yamaha ns10 , keys, technics turntables, reeloop, mixer, ....

Frank: got to add Propellerheads "reason". There were some other records beside Beatamax/cccp like mcl, jwb ...


What are your views on the current state of this Industrial / Techno / Electro scene in terms of creativity and Germany in audiences? And the scene in other countries?

Rai: …boring, nothing new and all over the world a real disaster! It is time for change and a challenge for us.


What new music inspires you when you are writing?

Rai: Techhouse, Psychedelic and the band Slayer

Frank: It's rather the synthesis between well-known styles and a surprising arrangement then beeing inspired by music in order to create "me too". By the way - is there really something like "new music"?


Tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the work done?

Rai: I prefer to write about politics, life, problems, own problems, ...

Frank: Personally, I'd prefer the more subtle style - these explicit lyrics hurt the ears! Sometimes the massage gets clearer when not be beaten straight to your head. So far I was'nt responsible for cccps lyrics yet.


How do you create a song?

Rai: First we see the colours after we create at apple

Frank: Starting with a certain groove, a strange arpeggio, followed by some vocal-experiments and so on ...



How did you sell your CD's / Audio Files? (Consignment? Live sales? My space, iTunes, distributor?)

Rai: Physical distribution : (Record stores, Online stores,...). Digital: (iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Napster,...)


Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music has this made things easier for you?

Rai: For Sure Not.


So what are their main influences as a band at the moment?

Rai: Nu Metal, Techhouse, Psychedelic,... and all real creative and innovative things and artists.

Do you see the Internet as a benefit for bands like CCCP? Does the growing possibility of someone downloading your material, rather than buying it, worry you?

Rai: Maybe, but we can´t change this bullshit, this is the future and the future will bring us good things and bad things, but we believe in a happy ending. We are optimists.


How do you see the future of download / Copyright in area of goth-industrial / techno / electro music? What are the best ways to develop it in your mind?

Rai: Changing! Music needs change!


What about all the big festivals? Summer Darkness in the Netherlands? Mera Luna in Germany Meeting of Families in Germany and Wave Gothic Treffen in Germany and many more?

Frank: We like it live ;-)

Rai: Our last shows before we played at Eletcric Tremor in Germany 2 months ago were 20 years ago in the U.S.


What is the key to making music from CCCP and what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?

Rai: The world and the universe

Frank: cccp presents our personal sense of music, that is born from groove and melody. Progress needs change or at least synthesis - so it never gets boring ;-)


Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here

Rai: DECADANCE CLUB (MIRROR OF MY SOUL) Single and Album we work on at the moment and we will release in 2011


It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity, Well, any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?

Rai: Thank you and let’s go with us a new industrial way! (changing)

Frank: Keep your head up high - someday the union will be founded ;-)


Do you think the music industry is dead?

Not really, the musicbizz is only changing.


Where would you like to see CCCP three years from now?

Rai: Good sales (Music and Movies, Merchandise,...) because the old and new fans like our music.


What's the band's favourite song to play live?

Both: American- Soviets


What was it like the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio internet or clubs? Who was the DJ that played your song?

Club: Thorsten Fenslau @ Dorian Gray played American-soviets from C.C.C.P. and our feeling was great

Radio: a belgium radio station played Made in Russia and later on American- Soviets from C.C.C.P. , and our feeling was amazing

the internet was not born in 1984


And, finally, what does the next twelve months hold for the band?

Frank: Working in the studio and maybe a second tour in the U.S. We have some offers at the moment which we are thinking about…


By the way do you like my questions? tell me what you think about it! ;-)??

Rai: Your questions are different to others, and we always like different style .


Last question before I've gotta go! What bands would you like to tour with if given the chance?



Thanks a lot for your answers! We wish you great success furthermore

Thank you too!


Any final thoughts for the people out there?

Rai: Freedom, peace, look into the future and not back too long




Our last show in Europe was

@ biggest EBM-Festival:



from 01.-04. Juli 2010 in Sandersleben (Sachsen-Anhalt) Germany.


More info:


Manager, composer, writer, ... Mike Staab † (DJ @Aladins Club Aschaffenburg, Producer of BeatAmaX, Mysterious Art, Magic Affair,...) ,Tommy Schmidt (Engineer,C.C.C.P. , Supermax, BeatAmaX, ...) Stephen Westphal (BeatAmaX), Mario Habelt (BeatAmaX), Frank Schendler ( BeatAmaX, official member of C.C.C.P. since 2010 ) Tiger B. Smith † (Strassenjungs) , Svenja Neradin (EMI, Bellaphon, Clockwork records), B.M. Tang (ex C.C.C.P.) , Christian Wildermuth, Stefan Knaur, Martin Ansel (Pur), Herman Baymus (ex C.C.C.P. / Clockwork records, Warren) Connie & Heidi Bensinger (Clockwork records) Harald Huss & Helene Da...(Clockwork records/SPV), Katrin (Clockwork records & SPV) Drago Stanov (ex C.C.C.P.), Mike Stone (ex C.C.C.P.) John Keaton (ex C.C.C.P.) Robin (ex C.C.C.P.) Armin Kupfer (RMX, DJ, Ninja records) Ralf Thummerer & Nic Newman (3rd Millennium), Stephen Taylor (Salvador Dali), Robert "Bob" Lyng † & Nic Newman (The Preacher), Fred Bansan † (Ibiza) MIchael Hohmann (Video, Photography, Design) Marge Rubia (Graphic Design), Timo Geissler (Kosmopath), Andy Mikutta (Engineer) Jason Nuckels (C.C.C.P. Group Facebook), Robert Ehlinger & Heather Gutierrez Ehlinger (Numbers Night Club Houston TX), David Hilzendager & Ray Cooper (Oak Lawn records /Dallas TX), Susi Armstrong (BMG Germany, BMG U.K. ,...), Armand Presser ( Supporter , Pro 7, ...) Gerhard Fuchs (Bellaphon, Teldec, Foxxy,...), Steve Hamelink † (Support), Victor Christ (Support), Michael Pommeraniec (Support), Johannes Pfaff (Support), Pete Bobo (Tourmanager C.C.C.P. in 1990 , 1 %er Outlaw MC Sheboygan/Wisconsin U.S.A.)




all our fans and supporter!